FAQ's / What is the role of Transplant Coordinators and Grief Counselors?

Transplant Coordinators position themselves between patient and relatives on one hand and treating doctor's team and cadaver transplantation team on the other hand. The transplant coordinators approach the relatives in the waiting room and begin counseling by expressing sympathy and hinting that good may come from this tragedy.

Transplant coordinators are responsible for identifying potential organ donors and managing the whole donation process from brain death. The process of organ donation and procurement include: donor management; determination of brain death; the obtaining of consent from the near relatives of the patient for organ donation; organ retrieval, preparation, preservation, packaging and final transport to the transplant hospital by coordinating with the organ harvesting team and organ transplantation team.

Coordinators should promote donation and supervise the teamwork of the whole process. They should be aware of all legal criteria and be responsible for the custody of the documents concerning donor evaluation, brain death determination and donor consent